Episode 12, the final episode is up!

Episode 12, the final episode, of the Green Eggs and Horror audio anthology is now up!

A story of an archaeological dig that goes bad and only letters are left to show for it.

Narrated and written by Peter Nixon

Intro music by Davin Creed, Story music by Peter Nixon, outro music by Heather Nixon

Episode – 12 – Temple of Ruin, by Peter Nixon

Narration by Peter Nixon.


– Pete Nixon


Episode 11 is up!

Episode 11 of the Green Eggs and Horror audio anthology is now up!

This episode is all about why you shouldn’t give someone the evil-eye on a bus…

Episode – 11 – The Tell-Tale Hat, By Henry Gaudet

Narration and Music by Davin Creed.


– Pete Nixon


Podcast Squared Interview

Well this past week I was interviewed on the podcast “Podcast Squared“, a podcast about podcasts hosted by Andrew Johnstone, who knows what he’s talking about when he talks about podcasting. Also history, but that’s beside the point. He’s a great guy, a nice guy, and he is probably one of the few people who has actually earned the title of ‘uber podcast fan’. (Here’s the link to the episode where i was interviewed http://www.podcastsquared.com/2014/02/19/podcast-squared-213-pete-nixon-of-green-eggs-and-horror/ )

In the interview we talk about horror, audio dramas, podcasting, the ever growing genre of dramatized audio, etc… and we discuss exactly what (if anything) in classic horror could beat that friggin’ hippo. Here’s a spoiler, the hippo wins.

It was a lighthearted interview where nobody died and I got to talk to someone who’s been inside my headphones for years. Anyway, listen, enjoy, become a fan of a podcast about podcasting. Because you should be listening to and supporting great podcasts.

– Pete Nixon


Pseudopod… you should be listening and supporting great podcasts

Thanks for listening to Green Eggs and Horror, a free audiobook version of the short story anthology. There are other web sites out there that put out great fiction on a weekly basis and since you’re interested in Green Eggs and Horror, you’re probably the kind of person who would love Pseudopod. Listen, subscribe, and support them if you can. Getting good fiction out there is not free or easy, trust me.

-Pete Nixon

The Way of The Buffalo

If you haven’t had enough of my voice, I read a story for The Way of The Buffalo Podcast a little while back. It’s a great podcast that, as fans of short fiction, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

The story is called “Dancers” by William Meikle, it’s a haunting tale of a life lived in regret and the constant reminder of how a single choice can ruin more than just one life.

The Way of The Buffalo Podcast Main Page

The specific post for “Dancers”

And if you like Hugh’s podcast, he has many stories on Amazon that you can buy. (hint hint)