GEAHBookD-240x300The paperback version of Green Eggs and Horror. If you’re the kind of person who needs the feel of a real book in your hands… to feel the rough paper and smell the dried ink on the pages, the heft of a real book, the feeling of trees drained from their magnificent and benevolent life giving duty in their natural habitat, surrounded by the majesties of nature, to live on eternally as a work of art… then you’re going to want to buy this book =)

GEAHEReaderD-240x300Green Eggs and Horror Kindle E-Book Version. If you’re the tech-savvy, ‘forget-paper’, mobile, constantly connected kind of person, get the kindle book and bring the horror with you.






Green Eggs and Horror Audio Anthology. Here’s the free audio version of the anthology, for those who prefer to read with their ears. A much safer way of ingesting the anthology while driving.